"Hi I'm Harper Claes and I've been going to OYOU Kids camp for the past 2 years. It's one of the highlights of my summer. Terri and Lloyd come up with amazing ideas for us to write about. Last year we made songs off of little things like a vulture and a honda. But this year we were in the heart of downtown san marcos. We met others in the building, walked around to a restaurant and had an amazing lunch. This summer camp has been the best way of opening me up. Lloyd helped me with accompaniment on my alto saxophone for our group song. Terri was the comedy of the idea and from one single idea we made a fun and youthful song. Now I'm only 12 but this camp makes me feel so much older than most kids my age  Own Your own Universe is the best thing to do. The lesson I've learned from this is when you have a chance to JAM out with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines you take them up on it."

— Harper Claes 


"My name is Chris Fullerton and I live in Austin, Texas. I’ve been attending meetings with the OYOU epilepsy support group for a few months now. I have a cerebral AVM (arteriovenous malformation) in the left frontal lobe of my brain which has left me racked with seizures and constant auras. As a working musician, finding others like me who understand what this condition is like, and therefore must maintain similar lifestyles, has been invaluable. Terri, our group leader, has never hesitated to lend a helping hand or words of support, in or outside of our designated meeting times.  I am back on stage now with the help and encouragement of OYOU and look forward to what the future holds for this growing cause in the years to come." 

— Chris Fullerton 


“The first day Terri Hendrix walked through our doors at the emergency shelter, the look on our children’s faces were priceless. They had seen the poster of Terri hanging in my office and they couldn’t believe she was really here. Terri sat right down and began to play music to the children. From then on, the children joined right in and began to make music, sing, and write songs creating priceless memories. When we have children with disabilities,  Terri always finds a way to make them feel included and become one with the music. This experience has opened a whole new world for our children.”

— San Marcos Greater Youth Council


"The first time Terri came to perform at our adult cancer camp, it was obvious from minute one that she got it about what we were doing: helping people with cancer to stop thinking and acting as if "cancer" was their identity--giving them opportunities to express other parts of who they are--sometimes parts they hadn't been in touch with since they were kids. I think Terri got it so fast because she has a lot of personal experience at not letting physical challenges be limitations. In her lyrics (poetry of the first order), her music, and just her outlook on life, she speaks to the hearts of the people she encounters. What she has to say to those hearts boils down to, "You are terrific just as you are. Come out and play." It seems only natural that Terri would come up with an idea like OYOU. Judging by the success she has had starting and running her own record label (which has outlived the commercial labels that turned her down years ago), I'm sure OYOU will be a roaring success. Frankly, I think Terri can do whatever she puts her mind to. And what a joy that through OYOU the lives of so many others can be better lives."

— Dr. Randy Riddile Chaplain, Director of Pastoral Care Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford Sponsoring organization of the semi-annual Bluebonnet Retreat Adult Cancer Camp


OYOU is an amazing non-profit organization! It is an incredible creative arts center that provides workshops, concerts, programs, lessons, and group discussion to the entire community. People are able to receive therapy, support, and growth through the arts, with a primary focus on music, literature, theater, and art. There is something for everyone, from kids to seniors. Come and check out OYOU! You are in for a treat!"

— Nancy Michlin 


"Own Your Own Universe - the name says it all! This organization is all about sharing the arts, music and creativity with everyone. Every event has been an inspiration to me. Terri is a powerhouse who pours her heart and soul into sharing her gifts. This amazing dream of hers is changing the world in the best possible way. I am so glad to be along for the ride!"

— Leslie McKinnon 


"This is a fantastic organization with heart. OYOU provides a lot of people with a lot of opportunities for personal growth and development that they might otherwise not be shown. There are no words I can find that really would adequately describe this organization. The best way to learn more about them is to dip your toe in as a participant and / or supporter. Keep up the good work, OYOU...you're changing lives one at a time, which is changing our world for better!!!"

— Dana Jones 


"The spirit that the OYOU brings to its participants creates an environment of growth and learning (about others and ourselves) that stays for a long time. I attended the Women's Retreat and am still feeling filled up with love and compassion. My cup runneth over! I learned so much about myself and am seeing other people through different eyes, and recognizing that we are all part of the same mold regardless of our economic or developmental or mobility differences. I left wanting to pay it forward as much as I possibly can. Thank you OYOU for making the world such a better place! I highly recommend supporting or participating in the OYOU in any way you can. Through giving, we receive so much!"

— Lisa Kay


"Don't fix what isn't broken! This year, my first OYOU Women's Retreat, was lovely and exactly as it should have been. Beautiful sharing from so many amazing, inspirational, courageous, insightful, caring, talented women. Thank you from the deepest, darkest depths of my heart! Keep on keepin' on! What a remarkable, giving example you shine on the world. Words fall short. Thank you and ALL who contribute to make so many possibilities for those you serve. Wow. Just wow."

— Leah Marie Kelly 


"This was my fourth OYOU Women's Retreat, and it just gets better every year. It is literally sustenance for my soul. Terri Hendrix holds a safe and welcoming space for an inspiring, courageous, and talented commUNITY of women. The programs are excellent and provide an opportunity for creative self expression and growth. This retreat will be on my list of "must-dos" for years to come. Thank you OYOU!"

— Cindye Sablatura 


"We learned from, taught and inspired one another. We are strangers no more, we are family. I smile and am lifted whenever I think of this weekend, and these women. When I am moved by something, i have to share it with THEM now, that new family I have. It was the most soul-enriching weekend I've ever spent in my life and the tears of joy I shed were filled with wonder and magic." — April Anschutz


I thoroughly enjoyed the OYOU mosaic class last weekend!    This is something I have wanted to learn for years, so I jumped on the chance to sign up for this class.    The instructor, Susan, and her assistant, Val, are experienced experts and super helpful in their instruction and assistance.    They were extremely well prepared and organized, helping to maximize our time and by providing beautiful tiles and materials for our projects.    The more I learn about and am involved in OYOU events, the more I realize that these workshops are truly a big win-win for all involved.    As with the mosaics class, all the OYOU workshops mean that everyone benefits:

1.  The participants.   In our case, we came away with mosaic skills and know-how, and a beautiful piece of art.

2.  The instructors.   Because one of the OYOU’s core values is that all artists should be properly paid for their work, the instructors are gratified to share their talents with eager students, and they get paid for their time and effort so that they can continue to grow in their art form.

3.  The many beneficiaries of the OYOU, the reason for the organization’s non-profit existence.    All OYOU profits are invested back into the programs that help provide access to the arts and help transform lives by teaching a wide range of art skills.

4.  The community.    The OYOU is about community, connections, collaboration, relationships and making our little corner of the world a better place.

I highly recommend OYOU workshops and events….there is something for everyone here!

Michelle Rumbaut