OYOU Women's Retreats

Ages 20 +

These events are for individuals who are over the age of 20, female or identify as female, and whose pronouns are She, Her.

The Ultimate Gal-Pal Getaway!

OYOU Women's Retreat

2023 Info & Itinerary

Our annual ultimate gal-pal getaway for ages 20 and up! We sing, dance, create, and share experiences and opportunities for self-growth through a myriad of mind-body-spirit activities.


We will be hosting two back to back retreats to accommodate more guests. Both retreats will feature the same itinerary. You are welcome to come to both retreats if you'd like. 

Martindale Schoolhouse & Wilory Farm

Historic downtown Martindale, Texas

February 17th - 19th 2023

February 24th - 26th 2023

OYOU Fall Women's Retreat & Campout

2023 Dates Coming Soon