OYOU Women's Retreats

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All Soul's Women's Fall Retreat & Campout

Information coming soon ...


The Ultimate Gal-Pal Getaway!

11th Annual OYOU Women's Retreat

Our annual ultimate gal-pal getaway for ages 20 and up! We sing, dance, create, and share experiences and opportunities for self-growth through a myriad of mind-body-spirit activities. 

Martindale Schoolhouse & Wilory Farm

Historic downtown Martindale, Texas

Dates TBA

Sponsorship (or) Purchase a Ticket to Attend

Every year folks from all over pay for a loved one, co-worker, or friend to attend this women's retreat for free. We take pride on being one of the only women's retreats around that provides top of the line activities that doesn't break the bank of our supporters and attendees. We're just hosting one winter/spring 2024 weekend this year! 


Top Tier Sponsorship $750.00 

Advertising on social media, print, newsletter, website

Silver Tier Sponsor $500.00 

Advertising in newsletter and on website 

Sponsorship $350.00

Help us host these retreats and keep costs low. This is the usual price per ticket, which is approximately 75% lower than the standard cost per woman to attend a women's retreat. 

Please help keep this life changing retreat affordable. Donations make this possible.

2023 Testimonials

“Every single thing I heard here was something I needed to hear, that was pertinent to me.   There was so much synchronicity, energy and connection. The retreat will definitely help me as I approach challenges in my life, giving me a fresh perspective. I find that my “tool box” of responses is fuller and richer.”


“The connections here were tender, vulnerable, open, to the point that I found myself on the edge of tears.   Good tears, needed tears. I am still processing it all, but I definitely felt that this was a safe place in which to share and feel that vulnerability. The success of the retreat is a testament to how Terri shares her own vulnerability and builds trust with others.”


“This was a no BS zone.   We were able to be fully transparent and truthful here. We were able to share about our hard situations with family or failures or desires to be different.   We were all able to relate to each other’s struggles. The creative exercises helped us connect to each other and to deep parts within ourselves. We were reminded of the many good people in the world, a nice contrast to the craziness and ugliness that the world sometimes gives us.”


“This has been so restful, peaceful and healing for me. I could feel the loving welcome as soon as I arrived.    It was almost overwhelming since this is so rare. The discussions helped me better understand my past traumas, and helped me to start healing by being around other survivors and supporters.”


“I can’t help but to be infected by all the positivity here, reminding me to offer myself grace and patience like I do for others in my life.”


“This is my third retreat. I have always felt camaraderie and friendship at these retreats, even with women who I just met. I find this to be an emotionally and spiritually healing force, giving me a better perspective on life and people in general. My only question is - how long can I continue to savor this feeling, to hold on to the spiritual sense I found here?   I think that music will be a good bridge to keep me grounded to this feeling.”


“So enlightening!  Such spiritual growth. Loved the new contacts I made, and the change and growth I already sense. This retreat has all the benefits of being connected to nature when camping, without the hassles of setting up a tent!”


“It was almost scary how deeply healing this weekend was for me. The topics were challenging but great.   The Nia exercise felt energetically healing, the singing bowls were so powerful that I felt transported to another plane of existence.  I feel joy and deep excitement.”


“Unbelievably intimate, safe and open environment. It was magical, with a universal connection flowing between us all”.


“I have been to other larger group OYOU retreats, but I especially liked the smaller scale of this weekend. Very intimate. It cleansed my soul, and reminded me to put myself first.    The creative workshops brought me insight and awareness. It was a soul shower!   I hope to make this feeling and perspective last a long time.”


“The smaller group made for greater connection. Less structure made for more relaxation and less stress. Having it all in one location reduced the confusion of moving from place to place.  I have been to “yoga” retreats that focus on just yoga, but this is so much broader and deeper and brings so much personal growth.”


“I felt like I was not so much discarding toxic things from my life, as much as learning to include the healthy and loving into my life.”


“The retreat seemed to me as an opportunity for us all to seek an ancient wisdom, finding the divine among the group as opposed to one god above. The planet has given us humans all we need, our challenge is to learn how to use and appreciate those gifts.    Connecting to indigenous cultures in this retreat really brought that point home for me, rooting in the earth and finding the spiritual within.”

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