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"I’ve spent a lot of time working with Terri and Lloyd over the last few years and it has meant a lot to me. I’ve made friends and memories and of course, songs. Because of them I’ve gotten a lot better at expressing myself. The OYOU kids camps have taught me confidence as well as pride in my craft. In fact, for my high school letter jacket “Own Your Own Universe” is what I chose to put under my name on the back. That’s how much the idea means to me.” — Harper Claes (Age 13)


Come join the OYOUth Club and explore your creativity! Our ongoing music and creative arts program helps youth build confidence, develop their artistic endeavors, and foster leadership skills. We provide an inclusive, non-judgmental environment that celebrates diversity and encourages exploration of the creative arts. #OYOUthClub #CreativeArts #YoungLeaders #Inclusion #Diversity #ExploreCreativity

Scholarships & OYOU Bucks

We aprovide ongoing scholarships for all of our OYOUth workshops, events, and programs. Just email us and state your need and we will work wih you! Please note that the OYOU provides OYOU bucks for activities that your child volunteers to help the OYOU with. Parents and or legal guardians are notified which events we need OYOUth to help with and we go from there! 

Apply for a Scholarship for Ticketed Events!

OYOU Scholarship Application
We offer scholarships to many of our ticketed events! Please fill out the form and email it back to us.
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Ongoing Opportunities for Youth!