OYOU's Big 10 Silent Auction & Fundraiser

November 29th - December 19th 2022

Please join Terri Hendrix and the OYOU for this online fundraiser and concert! It'll be broadcast on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube at both Terri's Hendrix's website and this website!


The OYOU is celebrating our tenth year anniversary this year! We have turned turned our #givingtuesday2022 event into an online fundraiser and silent auction that wraps up December 19th, which is the exact date we officially became a nonprofit. The online concert's from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. during Terri Hendrix's "Live From Wilory Farm" broadcast. Terri Hendrix will be donating all proceeds from that night's online concert to the OYOU. We will announce the silent auction winners during the concert and notify winners by email. 


Thanks for your support! Ten years! Wow! YOU helped make this happen!

The OYOU: Our Mission

Own Your Own Universe (OYOU) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization based out of San Marcos and Martindale, Texas.  It is our mission to make the arts accessible to everyone, and particularly to empower and transform lives by connecting the mind, body, and spirit through music and the creative arts. 

What We Do

The OYOU hosts a variety of free and ticketed events and workshops. Our mission also serves more than just the participants at our events and programs. At OYOU we hire artists and musicians to lead workshops or perform at our community concerts; providing them with additional income and more importantly a format in which to inspire and teach.   


We hire and pay professional musicians and artists to lead our workshops. By providing a modest stipend, we are able to give back to the artist community by providing a means in which to support it. 


Some of our workshop leaders have been affected by neurological conditions, cancer, depression, and other health challenges. They have found a role in mentoring students with similar health conditions and inspiring others to rise above their own personal challenges so that they, too, can embrace and enjoy a higher quality of life. 


In addition, the OYOU provides scholarships for every program offered, allowing those who would otherwise be unable to afford tuition to attend and learn. Scholarships are offered based on financial need and for teachers, veterans, special needs students, and patients who are suffering from medical conditions. The OYOU also has scholarships available for our children's music camp and kid's club, so that children in need can attend for free. 


The OYOU creates a welcoming, non-judgmental backdrop that celebrates diversity through the creative arts. Our events help fill a void for arts based education that is increasingly absent in budget-strapped public schools. Our events also offer lifelong learning opportunities for adults and senior citizens. 


In order to serve our mission to the fullest extent, OYOU is continuing to expand programming in our community, and at our venue on Wilory Farm, to positively impact as many lives as possible in Central Texas.

Our Story

"The OYOU’s story began when I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of twenty one.  Music, writing, and the creative arts helped me to thrive personally and professionally as a musician in spite of my own challenges with my health. Through personal experience, I discovered that my life’s passion was to introduce others to a wide spectrum of the arts, providing a path and the tools to live one's best life regardless of difficult circumstances, experiences or limitations. It started as an idea about creating a space where anyone; regardless of finances, social and or mobility issues, age or gender, can embrace and enjoy the creative arts without fear of bias or discrimination. My concept became an official 501 C3 Nonprofit in December 12th, 2012." 

Thank you for your support. Your generosity makes the OYOU possible. 

Terri Hendrix

Executive Director