"The OYOU stands for "Own Your Own Universe." It's a lyric taken from a song of mine called "Wallet." It's my belief that all things are possible with a sense of purpose, a work ethic, and a mission greater than ourselves. What "Own Your Own Universe" means to me, is that I have the power within myself to live the best life I can — regardless of my circumstances, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same. The OYOU helps people get through what they can't get over. Whether it be journaling or songwriting, learning to play an instrument, or participating in a variety of our other events, the OYOU changes lives for the better. And the true beauty of the OYOU, is that anyone can take the tools we provide by way of our events and apply them to their own lives. In doing so, it reaffirms the notion of the power that the arts can have on the human condition and soul."

— Terri Hendrix  

Tammi Fest 2018


Please click HERE for schedule and information on Tammi Fest. Thank you! 

In March 2018, we changed the name from "Playing For Good" to "TammiFest" in memory of Tammi Hendrix. She was kind, a talented artist, an entrepreneur, and the beloved sister of Terri Hendrix.