"The OYOU stands for "Own Your Own Universe." It's a lyric taken from a song of mine called "Wallet." It's my belief that all things are possible with a sense of purpose, a work ethic, and a mission greater than ourselves. What "Own Your Own Universe" means to me, is that I have the power within myself to live the best life I can — regardless of my circumstances, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same. The OYOU helps people get through what they can't get over. Whether it be journaling or songwriting, learning to play an instrument, or participating in a variety of our other events, the OYOU changes lives for the better. And the true beauty of the OYOU, is that anyone can take the tools we provide by way of our events and apply them to their own lives. In doing so, it reaffirms the notion of the power that the arts can have on the human condition and soul."

— Terri Hendrix  

Location, Location, Location

In 2017 the OYOU made a huge leap forward into our future space by finding a permanent location on Wilory Farm, in lovely Martindale, Texas. The majority of our programs now take place right here, on 12 acres — alongside pet goats, rescue mutts, and a donkey. 


Snowbird Concerts

Now in its 3rd season, the recent set of winter concerts were hugely successful and well attended at the spacious St Mark’s Episcopal Church Activity Center. The City of San Marcos provided a grant to enable us to both pay our performers and provide a free concert series to the public. 


Women’s Retreat

During this 5th annual event, the OYOU catered to Women in Need who continue to contribute to their community despite personal challenges such as being full time caregivers, special education teachers/coaches, and women undergoing cancer treatment or other health crisis. Scholarships were provided to those who otherwise would not have been able to afford this life changing retreat.


Playing for Good has folded into "Tammi Fest" 

Texas Women's Music Festival 

Always a fun event with music, art and auction, the OYOU was able to collect and redistribute $1500 to local nonprofits through this event held at the Quail Creek Country Club. In March 2018, we changed the name from "Playing For Good" to "TammiFest" in memory of Tammi Hendrix. She was kind, a talented artist, an entrepreneur, and the beloved sister of Terri Hendrix. Our October event was a huge success in part, due to the tremendous support of local restaurants, artists, and businesses that endorsed our women's music festival by way of silent auction gift certificates and items.  



The scope and variety of our workshops continues to grow, now adding our first youth songwriter camp in downtown Martindale for summer 2018. Other workshops provide special focus on guitar techniques, songwriting, learning to play a musical instrument, and more. Plans for 2019 include two kid's camps. 2019 also finds the OYOU adding workshops that include self-defense, mosaics, and knitting!  


OYOU Kid's Club

2018 we launched the OYOU Kid's Club. 


OYOU Harvest Women's Group 

2018 we launched "Harvest." This is a women's group for ages 25 and up. Check out the link to see what we do! 


Creativity and Songwriting  

Creativity is good for the soul, and OYOU helps to teach this important skill through a variety of workshops and classes. 


The Best People

The OYOU is blessed with wonderful volunteers who come from all over the Central Texas area to help out with our events and programs. The OYOU attracts audiences throughout Texas and has an email distribution list that now tops 10,000 supporters and fans!


Amplify Austin

The OYOU was again honored to be chosen after careful vetting by Amplify Austin to be one of their selected local non profits for the annual March donation drive. With the help of Deep Eddy Vodka and hundreds of supporters, the OYOU exceeded its fund raising goal and collected $8098 in 2018 to use towards our growing scope of events.