Mission Statement

The OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe") Center for the Creative Arts, is a 501 C3 non-profit located in both San Marcos, and Martindale, Texas. The OYOU provides a variety of workshops, concerts, programs, lessons, and group discussion to the entire community — regardless of income or mobility issues. The OYOU is also a mobile nonprofit on wheels providing music and other charitable services across Texas and throughout the United States and beyond.


I’ve been a singer-songwriter, author, performer, and businesswoman — running my own record label since 1996. My career has given me the opportunity to tour and perform at festivals, concert venues, and arts centers worldwide for over two decades. My journey has been a fortunate one, but not without obstacles. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in the early 90’s. Music, writing, and the arts, helped me overcome my health challenges and thrive in spite of them. My purpose in life, is to introduce others to the arts in hopes that they, too, can gain a new perspective on life. Simply put: Arte es vida. Art is life. In 1992, I taught guitar lessons to inner city teenagers at a juvenile detention center in New Braunfels, Texas. Teaching a troubled child how to express their emotions through music has also had a lasting impact on me. Over the years, in addition to my tour schedule, I've played music for senior citizens, underprivileged children and adults, those with disabilities, cancer, neurological issues, and other illnesses. These ongoing experiences continue to reconfirm the notion of the power that music and the arts can have on the human soul. The OYOU stands for "Own Your Own Universe." It's a lyric taken from a song of mine called "Wallet." It’s my belief that all things are possible with a sense of purpose, a work ethic, and a mission greater than ourselves. My mission with the OYOU is to bring music, painting, pottery, dance, and nature, to those who would otherwise be unable to participate and enjoy the arts.


The OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe") is currently located in both San Marcos and Martindale, Texas. The OYOU is also a mobile nonprofit on wheels providing music and other charitable services across Texas and throughout the United States and beyond.


Through year-round workshops, classes, and retreats at the OYOU, people of all ages experience the joy of learning a musical instrument, writing a song, or learning arts and crafts. Classes are tailored from beginning to advanced. Some classes are all ages and some only focus on a specific age group. 

Group Discussion and Retreats

The OYOU also provides activities for various group discussion and retreats geared towards enhancing physical and mental health and improving quality of life. 


OYOU Programs are tailored for anyone — regardless of age or physical ability — to be able to enjoy music, arts, crafts, and shows without the worry of social or mobility issues within a facility. Our programs occur where anyone — regardless of income — can attend inspiring workshops on a variety of subjects tailored to enhance quality of life and community. The OYOU also provides a nurturing environment where underprivileged children can learn firsthand the joy and fullfillment of the arts. 


The OYOU is a "Get-It-Done" grassroots operation.


Terri Hendrix and friends take the OYOU Creative Arts on the road to bring the mission of the OYOU to those that would otherwise be unable to appreciate and enjoy the arts. If you have interest in working with Terri Hendrix and the OYOU, please contact our office and someone will get back to you right away. 

Last Chance Forever, Birds of Prey Wildlife Sanctuary, Texas

Finley Oats Elementary School, Bonham, TX

STREAM Fest, San Marcos, TX

Katherine Anne Porter School, Wimberly, TX

Life's a Song Workshops, Port Aransas, TX
Pet Pals Of Texas

Canyon Creek Elementary School Special Education, Austin TX
Price Center San Marcos, Texas
Texas State Center of Texas Music History
Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South TX
Health Alliance Austin Musicians, Austin, TX
Cap City Kids, Austin TX
Tapestry Singers, Austin TX
Kinetic Kids, San Antonio TX
Bluebonnet Retreat (Cancer Survivors) Kaufman Ranch TX
Eric S. Obermann Foundation (ALS) Huntsville AL
Parkinsong (Parkinson's Projects) Bethesda, MD
Greater Youth Council, San Marcos TX
CASA of Lubbock and San Marcos TX
Association of Small Foundations TX

Austin Empty Bowl Project Austin TX

Blue Bear School of Music, San Francisco, CA

2014 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

Women in Recovery, Tulsa OK

Bona Terra, Austin TX

Chase's Place, Dallas TX

PAWS Humane Society, Hays County, TX

Food Banks throughout Texas 


The OYOU is an official 501 (C)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations are deductible. The OYOU is a "Get-It-Done" grassroots operation with a goal of getting music and all things art into the ears and hands of folks that need it most.