Tammi Fest

The OYOU's annual fundraiser is named “Tammi Fest” in honor of Terri's older sister, Tammi Hendrix, who passed away last March, 2018. In tribute to her sister, this event features all women musicians - some just beginning their promising careers and others with decades of experience. In addition to a full afternoon of live music, Tammi Fest features curated local and touring artists and makers to shop from and support.


Click the link for tickets and more information. 

Snowbird Concert Series

It's an annual all ages free concert series that takes place the first Thursday of every month from October - March, at Saint Mark's Episcopal church in San Marcos, Texas. We offer top-notch entertainment from local and touring artists. We also serve up complimentary munchies and beverages courtesy of local businesses. 

Camps & Retreats

A kids music camp for ages 8 - 11 and 12 - 17. This camp kick-starts the creative spirit by providing a safe place for students to explore their talents. 

Our annual gal-pal getaway for ages 25 and up! We sing, dance, create, and share experiences and opportunities for self-growth through a myriad of mind-body-spirit activities.