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OYOU Presents: Snowbird Concert Series



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Free series, handicapped accessible, open to the entire public. 

Phone: 512-426-7288 


Time & Scoop

Doors open at 6:00! Come enjoy complimentary queso, chips, sandwiches, salsa, desserts, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or water. 

Show is at 7:00! the artist plays about 50 minutes. There's a brief interview with the artist. This way you can get to know who's playing! Then the artist plays about one or two more songs. 

Curfew is at 8:30! 

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Hear the artist's talk about the creative process. Get inspired by their stories and lyrics. Get out of the cold and come enjoy music, hot chocolate, snacks, and community in a one of a kind concert series, in the heart of winter, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country!




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February 1st 2018

Chris and Adam Carroll 

Chris Carroll 


Chis Carroll is originally from St. Catharines, Ontario. She now lives in San Marcos, Texas with her husband and music partner Adam Carroll.

Carroll’s music does a little bit of genre hopping, pulling in influences from all over the map, but her music is still deep within the Americana roots and has the ability to draw in an audience. Chris released her debut record, “Trouble & Time” in 2014, produced by David Beck (Sons of Fathers & Blue Healer).

“Chris Carroll’s recording, Trouble & Time, has so many expressions…just like a human face. Tracks like “Mister” smirk at you while “Dreaming You Up” has a Mona Lisa smile quality to it. Each song emotes such intimate eye contact, just like her live performance, and I don’t think Chris will be the first to blink.” ~ Susan Gibson


Adam Carroll


Adam Carroll’s musical biography is as winding as the stories in his songs, full of far-away places and close-to-home meditations that encompass a career built on countless shows in Texas clubs, thousands of miles on the road with his partner in life and music, Chris Carroll, accolades of all kinds, and still the burning desire to simply...write the next song.


Thank goodness for that, because Carroll’s songs tap into a vein of the human condition that make them deeply moving but often humorous. As No Depression notes, “Carroll slips easily between observed detail and poetic flight, framing everyday images as literary moments. He’s particularly adept at portraiture, whether it’s a colorful hustler, a rural taxi driver or a karaoke singer, he sees what you might feel, but couldn’t verbalize, capturing a person’s essence in the details of their physical being and actions.”


“The core of what I do is songwriting; it’s the one thing I’m passionate about. It’s the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine.” explains Adam. In fact, the scope of Carroll’s songwriting influence was recognized in 2016 when “Highway Prayer: A Tribute to Adam Carroll” was released, featuring esteemed writers/performers like Hayes Carll, James McMurtry, Slaid Cleaves, and Terri Hendrix covering Carroll-penned tunes. It has garnered attention from publications like Texas Monthly and Rolling Stone, the latter which noted that Carroll “is talented beyond his years.”


With tours crisscrossing the USA, Canada and Europe, Carroll is currently focusing on performances as a duo with Chris Carroll, Canadian singer-songwriter and Texas transplant. Their distinct energies and personalities play off each other onstage, and the effect is a both moving and entertaining show that delights crowds from coast to coast.


Carroll’s body of work is expansive with eight independently produced albums to his name. From studio records produced by Grammy Award winner Lloyd Maines (South of Town, Lookin’ Out the Screen Door, Live at Cheatham Street, Far Away Blues) through to his latest releases (Old Town Rock N Roll, Hard Times with Michael O’Connor, and 2014's Let It Choose You), Carroll’s song credits also include co-writes and covers by Slaid Cleaves (“Race Car Joe”, “Hard to Believe”), Hayes Carll (“Take Me Away”, featured in the film Country Strong) and Band of Heathens (“Medicine Man”, “Maple Tears”).

March 1st 2018



Here's their recipe for fun Celtic music on the run: Take one smidgen of traditional Irish tunes. Add a pinch of contemporary Celtic. Season to taste with humor and song. Blend well at high speed for 30 minutes or longer. Slam it down, chase with Scotch, and call it O'Malarkey!


This show is also a special show for those with disabilities and their loved ones. It's our 2nd annual accessibility dance! Network! Get to know other caregivers and caretakers! There is strength in numbers and community! 


Terri Hendrix says: "Come prepared to dance! Dress comfortable!" 


This show is also a big day for the OYOU! We're participating in Amplify Austin Day!

Past Snowbird Concerts 

January 2018 W/Tracy Weinberg & Friends 

December 2017 W/Kevin Carroll 

March 2017 W/The Revs

February  2017 W/Los Texmaniacs 

January 2017 W/Susan Gibson 

December 2016 W/Johnsmith

Our Snowbird Concert Series kicked off in December 2016 with Johnsmith from Trempealeau County, WI!