OYOU Event Information Sheet

Please Read Prior to Attending One of Our Events

Welcome to the OYOU! 

We’re delighted that you’re planning to attend one of our events! Please review the following information prior to attending. Directions to Wilory Farm are sent per event. 


Workshops, Retreats, and Concerts @ Wilory Farm 

Wilory Farm is a private location and business located in Martindale, TX. The entire property is owned and managed by Wilory Records — not the OYOU. Please note that both Wilory Records and Wilory Farm are separate from the OYOU, and that Wilory Records allows the OYOU to use Wilory Farm as a courtesy — free of charge. 



For liability, security, and capacity purposes, no one is allowed on site, at Wilory Farm, unless they RSVP at least four hours before the event held at Wilory Farm. All ticketed events have to be settled online prior to the event. 



To apply for a scholarship to one of our ticketed events, please contact us via email, and state your financial need. Please let us know the event in which you're in need of a scholarship. Applications are mandatory in order to be considered for a scholarship. 



All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian unless arrangements have been made in advance or unless it's a day camp and drop off has been agreed to and arranged in advance. 


Doors Open

Doors/Gates open 30 to 60 minutes before the start time stated on the calendar. They do not open early. The calendar will list the time that they open up for the OYOU. 


Speed & Parking 

Please drive no faster than 10 miles per hour down the drive. Drive down the road and follow the signs for parking. 


Cigarette and Vaping Policy 

Please smoke or vape responsibly so we don't have a fire hazard. Please don't toss cigarette butts on the ground where the dogs or donkeys can access them. 


Be Present 

We periodically offer complimentary alcoholic beverages at our event. Please drink responsibly. Folks are welcome to BYOB. 


Pets @ 9191 & Wilory Farmtastic Oasis 

Wilory Farm @ 9191 does not allow ANY pets unless you have a service dog, or the event is marked "Pet Friendly.” Wilory Farm @ 9123, also known as "Wilory Farmtastic," does allow pets on a case by case basis for campers. you'll need to set this up through them. 


Donkeys and Dogs 

Please do not bring treats for the donkeys or dogs at Wilory Farm. Please do not allow them to nibble on your hands or fingertips. They can crush a hand! Please use caution around the dogs, too. Children are not allowed to pet the livestock or dogs without a handler present. 


Manure Alert

At Wilory Farm, there are small piles of manure at specific places. Donkey manure is an organic fertilizer that is high in nutrients and helps improve soil health. The manure based compost is used for fertilizing plants and trees on the property — thus, the piles. 


Security Cameras 

There are security cameras on site and the facility is equipped with alarms — please don't enter the property unless you are registered for an event. You can hear Wilory Farm's alarm up to a mile away! 


Overnight Stays at Wilory Farmtastic Oasis

Overnight stays at Wilory Farmtastic are only allowed if clearly stated on the calendar and paid for in advance through Wilory Records. If you'd like to attend an event and need lodging, please check out this Play & Stay section at this website on where to stay or camp overnight in the greater Martindale area, or book a camping slot at Wilory Farmtastic. 


Thanks and we looking forward to seeing you!