The OYOU hosts workshops on a variety of subjects throughout the year. People of all ages experience the joy of learning a musical instrument, writing a song, or learning arts and crafts. Classes are tailored from beginning to advanced. 


Fall Workshops include 

Writer's Block

The Artist's Way

OYOU Kid's Club

OYOU Women's Music Group 


Taking photos with your phone! What applications to use and more! 

DIY Christmas Gifts 






Music Business 

Guitar (Beginning and Advanced) 


The OYOU is committed to paying its teachers, artists, and performers. We are also committed to outreach within our community, celebrating diversity, and providing an artistic outlet to those with disabilities. 


The entire industry of the performing and visual arts has been turned upside down due to advances in technology and a massive shift in how people consume music and view the arts. We provide a source of income to artists by giving them an audience in which to perform and or teach. 


The OYOU creates an atmosphere where those that create and make their living in the arts can not only survive, but thrive, in both education and performance. 


Our classes are small. We also provide scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to attend, and we also work with those with disabilities — often one on one.


Please considering donating to the OYOU so that we can pay our teachers and performers a reasonable wage for their hard work and creative efforts. 


Most ticketed events have scholarship opportunities

Our Rotating Workshop Leaders

Due to limited space at our workshops, and out of consideration for our teachers, we can not accept last minute additions to our workshop. 


We do not allow walk ups.  


All attendees of our workshops, must register in advance and receive confirmation from our staff . Out of respect for the OYOU and our teachers, we only offer refunds for workshops in the case of an emergency. We do not allow folks to trade in one paid workshop for another at a later date. Thanks for understanding!    


We do not have a hang out space for friends or family during the workshop.