Kindess. Compassion. Hope. Creativity. Community.

The OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe") is a 501 C3 non-profit community arts center project servicing Hays County and the surrounding area.


While we fundraise for a permanent home for the OYOU, it’s a "Get-It-Done" grassroots operation based out of San Marcos, Texas, that strives to get music and the arts into the ears and hands of folks that need it most. 


Imagine a venue where anyone — regardless of age or physical ability — can enjoy music, arts, crafts, and shows without the worry of social or mobility issues within the facility. Imagine a place where anyone — regardless of income — can attend inspiring workshops on wellness, music, and the arts. Imagine a safe, nurturing environment where underprivileged or at-risk children can learn firsthand the joy of playing a musical instrument. That's the OYOU. 


Although the OYOU is still seeking land on which to build, the dream itself is well on its way to fruition. Fans and venues from all over the country have already pitched in with monetary and instrument donations. In the meantime, the OYOU is a mobile nonprofit on wheels. We're actively seeking opportunities to share its mission across Texas and throughout the United States.


Become a friend of the OYOU and help us turn this dream into a reality. 

Sing. Dance. Write, Act. Create. Learn. Be inspired! Can you see it? We can — and by helping the OYOU, you can, too!


The OYOU Community Arts Center

Own Your Own Universe

501(C)(3) Nonprofit 

PO BOX 2340
San Marcos, TX 78667




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