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"To see things in the seed. That is genius." - Lao-Tzu


"I first met Terri Hendrix about 20 years ago and have since been an enthusiastic follower of her career. Musical talent accounts for but a fraction of her success as an artist and as a businesswoman. She recently proved herself to be a most inspiring teacher and mentor as well in a day-long songwriting workshop for a small group of music majors at the U where she is welcome back anytime."

Mark Erickson

Director of Recording Arts

Texas State University - School of Music

"As the talent buyer for the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, I have had the privilege of working with Terri Hendrix for over 15 years. I have found her to be responsive, affable, ethical, efficient, professional and extremely talented as a performer. She is an expert in music business matters and I feel that I am a fortunate person to have her in my life as a music business associate and friend. She is a remarkable human being."

Nancy Coplin

Music Coordinator Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

"The first time Terri came to perform at our adult cancer camp, it was obvious from minute one that she got it about what we were doing: helping people with cancer to stop thinking and acting as if "cancer" was their identity--giving them opportunities to express other parts of who they are--sometimes parts they hadn't been in touch with since they were kids. I think Terri got it so fast because she has a lot of personal experience at not letting physical challenges be limitations. In her lyrics (poetry of the first order), her music, and just her outlook on life, she speaks to the hearts of the people she encounters. What she has to say to those hearts boils down to, "You are terrific just as you are. Come out and play." It seems only natural that Terri would come up with an idea like OYOU. Judging by the success she has had starting and running her own record label (which has outlived the commercial labels that turned her down years ago), I'm sure OYOU will be a roaring success. Frankly, I think Terri can do whatever she puts her mind to. And what a joy that through OYOU the lives of so many others can be better lives."

Dr. Randy Riddile Chaplain, Director of Pastoral Care Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford Sponsoring organization of the semi-annual Bluebonnet Retreat Adult Cancer Camp

“The first day Terri Hendrix walked through our doors at the emergency shelter, the look on our children’s faces were priceless. They had seen the poster of Terri hanging in my office and they couldn’t believe she was really here. Terri sat right down and began to play music to the children. From then on, the children joined right in and began to make music, sing, and write songs creating priceless memories. When we have children with disabilities,  Terri always finds a way to make them feel included and become one with the music. This experience has opened a whole new world for our children.”

Nena Meadows 

Greater Youth Council

San Marcos, Texas 

"Terri Hendrix ...

For those whose minds have a disconnect

She knows how to make a re-connect

With songs that open doors

To laughs and tears

That relieve the fears

Of those who cope

With the strangest dreams

And seek the music

That knots torn seams."

Ron and Marie Jager

Price Senior Center

San Marcos, TX

"Our family has known Terri Hendrix for many years, both as performing musician and as a family friend. Terri is one of those individuals whose work and spirit span many roles and she brings the highest positive energy to all endeavors. From writer-musician to farming to teaching and beyond, her focus is always "community" as well as simply "how are YOU feeling and what can become better in YOUR life?" Terri Hendrix has mentored our son and helped him find focus and confidence with a serious medical issue, in a way no one else could have. She gathers family and community around her and leads with creative initiatives that never before existed. Terri Hendrix is a songwriter and musician who observes nature and life and reassembles her experiences into songs and shows that bring laughter and loving kindness to all. The OYOU initiative is her brain-child, but will help an entire community find their own voices and bring those new songs to life."

Mark Genfan

Acoustic Spaces

I've been a singer-songwriter, performer, and businesswoman; running my own record label since 1996. My career has given me the opportunity to perform and tour for more than two decades. It's afforded me the opportunity play music all over the world and in all types of situations. 


My journey has been a fortunate one, but not without obstacles. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 1989. And I feel like having this condition has enabled me to see a side of life I would have never seen otherwise. Although I do have some memory loss from seizures, the repetitive motions involved in playing guitar and memorizing lyrics helps my brain to stay intact. It is for this reason that I enjoy teaching guitar to those with neurological challenges. I know firsthand that music can heal. 


In 1992, I taught guitar lessons to inner city teenagers at a juvenile detention center in New Braunfels, Texas. Teaching a troubled child how to express their emotions through music has also had a lasting impact on me. Over the years, in addition to my tour schedule, I've played music for senior citizens, underprivileged children and adults, those with disabilities, cancer, neurological issues, and other illnesses. These experiences continued to reconfirm the notion of the power that music can have on the human soul.   


The OYOU stands for "Own Your Own Universe." It's a lyric taken from a song of mine called "Wallet." It's my belief that all things are possible with a sense of purpose, a work ethic, and a mission greater than ourselves. 


My mission with the OYOU is to bring music, painting, pottery, dance, nature, ect., to those who would otherwise not be able to participate and enjoy the arts.  


The OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe") will one day be an all ages, handicapped accessible, community arts center in Hays County, Texas. 


The OYOU is an official 501 (C)(3) nonprofit corporation. So donations are deductible.


The long range plan for the OYOU, is to have a handicapped accessible multi-purpose arts center with an organic garden, in Hays County, Texas. Fundraising has begun for this goal. 


In the meantime, while we save for the eventual home for the OYOU, it's a "Get-It-Done" grassroots operation with a goal of getting music and all things art into the ears and hands of folks that need it. 


Donations are going towards sponsoring programs to teach and/or perform music to children and adults in impoverished areas. The OYOU is sponsoring, teaching, and bringing music to those struggling with health issues. In addition to music, the OYOU coordinates events and provides a space at various locations for group discussion on a variety of subjects to improve quality of life.


If you choose to donate an instrument to the OYOU, that will help us, too. All musical instruments donated to the OYOU are being either housed (until we have a facility) or used on site at OYOU events. 


The programs for the OYOU are also being taken out on the road, too, to carry on the mission throughout Texas and beyond. 


OYOU programs are notated as such on the "Events" section of this website.



The OYOU Community Arts Center

Own Your Own Universe

501(C)(3) Nonprofit 

PO BOX 2340
San Marcos, TX 78667



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