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Own Your Own Universe

501 C3 nonprofit


Become a friend of the OYOU and help us turn a dream, into a reality. Imagine a venue where people with physical disabilities enjoy music, arts, crafts, and shows alongside everyone else; without the worry of social or mobility issues within the facility. Imagine a venue where anyone — regardless of income — can attend workshops or learn a musical instrument.


Imagine placing an instrument into the hands of an underprivileged or at risk child. 


Imagine an all ages arts center with a creative space for group discussion to enhance physical and mental health. 


Sing. Dance. Write, Act. Create. Learn. Can you see it? That's the OYOU. The future home for the "Own Your Own Universe" arts center will be in Hays County, Texas. 


Thanks Caitlin Kara, in Los Angeles, for the wonderful art piece!

"To see things in the seed. That is genius." - Lao-Tzu


The OYOU Community Arts Center

Own Your Own Universe

501(C)(3) Nonprofit 

PO BOX 2340
San Marcos, TX 78667



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