Locations for OYOU Events

Most OYOU events, workshops, and concerts, take place in both San Marcos and Martindale, Texas. For exact locations, please check "Events" in the menu. 


Wilory Farm

Private location (address and information for this facility provided upon reservation) 

Martindale, TX  78655 


Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

3039 Ranch Rd 12

San Marcos, TX 78666


Downtown (Main Street/Various Buildings)

Martindale, Texas 78655

Wilory Farm

Here's some information about Wilory Farm, in Martindale, Texas. 

Just for Fun

Neither Wilory Farm or the OYOU has a facility where folks can stay overnight. So here’s a handy guide for you OYOU-er's that want to enjoy what both San Marcos and Martindale have to offer as far as perfect getaways. Click the links and look around. 


Eat & Shop

Play & Stay