Scholarship Program

History of Cabin 10, Inc. — Rice Festival — Fischer Fest 

Rice Harrington passed away in July 2003. Four of his close friends formed Cabin 10, Inc. in August of 2004 to host the Rice Festival, to “keep a good man’s vibe alive”, and to provide continued funding for The Rice Harrington Art Scholarship, presented each year to graduating art students from San Marcos High School.


Cabin 10 Inc.’s mission statement was quite simple: 

To continue the tradition of American Roots Music in Fischer, Texas as a community, by supporting the artists and funding education in the arts. Cabin 10 was a real cabin located at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, in Hunt, Texas. Although no longer standing, it remains an icon for the strong friendships that were forged by the original members and the counselor of Cabin 10 – Rice Harrington.


As the torch of friendship was passed along to a new Board of Directors, this icon has grown to represent the many friendships that were made through this original unselfish action of friends honoring friends. 



The Rice Harrington Art Scholarship is presented each year to graduating art students from the San Marcos High School. Below are past recipients of the scholarship.

2018 Allison Collier & Jourdan Gamez

2017 Olivia Zdeb, Sarah Storch, Stacy Jaramillo

2016 Anna Flores, Arielle Cruz, Gisel Torres

2015 Ashley Warner and Trinity Rinear

2014 Eric Jimenez and Hunter McMain

2013 Alana Zammora and Marshall Valenta

2011 Nick Juarez and Parisa Tajalli – Tehrani

2010 Ashley Luera and Jaymi Tristan

2009 Julia Cain and Andres Cruz

2008 Kevin Colwick and Kate Sipes

2007 Yeseria Contreras and Kiana Flores

2006 Brittany Bitner and Randy Fussell

2005 Natalie Rae Ponce



2018 - Own Your Own Universe "OYOU" a Terri Hendrix Non-Profit Org.

2017 - Network for Young Artists

2016 - Own Your Own Universe "OYOU" a Terri Hendrix Non-Profit Org.


Sarah Jarosz of Wimberley High School


2017 Board of Directors:

Dennis Hubbard, President

Thomas Chapmond, Vice President

David Daniels, 2nd Vice President

West Warren, Historian

2018 Advisory Committee & Bored Staph:

Craig Fortner - Auction, Vendors & Sales

Dan Greenlee - Infrastructure

Greg Glowka - Art

Jack Harrison - Parade Marshal

Jan Parrish - Merch,  Website, Admin, Operations

Roland Brown - Music & Art Scholarship Program

Sweeney - Volunteer Coordinator, Greenroom, Sponsors

Tom Ballard - Sales

Tracie Ferguson - Website & Tech Support


Past Directors:

Dixie Watkins

Jack Harrison

Jeff Gavin

Leslie Collier

Paul McCullar

This year, the OYOU turns 10 years old! I can't think of a better year to have the honor that was bestowed upon us. 


On Monday, February 28th, 2022 "Own Your Own Universe" became the steward for the nonprofit Fischer Fest. We will continue their scholarship program in 2023.


We will seek out and provide scholarships to graduating high school music and art students that will pursue the arts after graduation. 


We will also provide ongoing scholarships for all of our OYOUth workshops, events, and programs.