2019 Women's Retreat in Comfort, Texas

6th Annual 2019 OYOU Women's Retreat

Calling all ladies ages 25 and up! Need a gal pal getaway? Pack your bags and join us for our 5th Annual Creative Women's Retreat in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Leave behind your chores, busy lives, and demands on your time. Take time for yourself instead, and embark on a journey of self discovery through a myriad of activities that leave one renewed and refreshed. Revived and restored. Enjoy great food and company. Sip beverages, wine, or toddy's, play and or listen to music, create, write, and more! Escape reality, recharge your battery, and get back to who you really are. 



The mission of our 501c3, Own Your Own Universe, is to change lives through the power of the creative arts.   Among the many programs provided through the OYOU is the annual Women’s Retreat, now in its 6th successful year.   This transformative weekend retreat is tailored for for women, providing the relaxed setting and creative tools for the 35+ attendees to explore, discuss and manage a myriad of life challenges. Through music, crafts, creative writing, and new friendships, the retreat has been a pivotal and positive turning point for women dealing with serious illness, being a sole care-giver, depression, and for living a better, healthier life.  



Camp Comfort 

601 Water St, Comfort, TX 78013


When: August 23rd @ 2:00PM - August 24th! 

We kick things off on Friday and wrap things up late Saturday! 

We head home on Sunday the 25th 



Price includes supplies, workshops, activities, craft table chock-full of art supplies, t-shirt, swag bag, and good food. Accommodations are included for an additional fee. Click "ticket" for a ticket! 


Our Women's Retreat Gallery

2017 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

2016 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

2015 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

2015 OYOU group painting auctioned for Hays County flood relief


Dan Monroe from San Antonio, Texas, was the winner of our 2015 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat group painting. 100% of the proceeds from this silent auction went to Hays County flood relief. 

2014 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat


“Own Your Own Universe - the name says it all! This women’s retreat provides opportunities for personal growth. There are no words I can find that really would adequately describe it. The best way to learn more about the OYOU, is to dip your toe in as a participant and or supporter. Keep up the good work, OYOU. You’re changing lives one at a time, which is changing our world for the better!"

- Dana Jones 

"The spirit that the OYOU brings to its participants creates an environment of growth and learning (about others and ourselves) that stays for a long time. I attended the Women's Retreat and am still feeling filled up with love and compassion. My cup runneth over! I learned so much about myself and am seeing other people through different eyes, and recognizing that we are all part of the same mold regardless of our economic or developmental or mobility differences. I left wanting to pay it forward as much as I possibly can. Thank you OYOU for making the world such a better place! I highly recommend supporting or participating in the OYOU in any way you can. Through giving, we receive so much!"
- Lisa Kay

"This year, my first OYOU Women's Retreat, was lovely and exactly as it should have been. Beautiful sharing from so many amazing, inspirational, courageous, insightful, caring, talented women. Thank you from the deepest, darkest depths of my heart! Keep on keepin' on! What a remarkable, giving example you shine on the world. Words fall short. Thank you and ALL who contribute to make so many possibilities for those you serve. Wow. Just wow."
- Leah Marie Kelly 

"This was my fourth OYOU Women's Retreat, and it just gets better every year. It is literally sustenance for my soul. Terri Hendrix holds a safe and welcoming space for an inspiring, courageous, and talented commUNITY of women. The programs are excellent and provide an opportunity for creative self expression and growth. This retreat will be on my list of "must-dos" for years to come. Thank you OYOU!"
- Cindye Sablatura 

"... Was the extra nudge I needed to fulfill a 20+ year long dream to finish writing a song! Can't thank Terri enough for taking the plunge, expanding OYOU and making her visions a reality!"
- Nicole Lozada 

"We learned from, taught and inspired one another. We are strangers no more, we are family. I smile and am lifted whenever I think of this weekend, and these women. When I am moved by something, i have to share it with THEM now, that new family I have. It was the most soul-enriching weekend I've ever spent in my life and the tears of joy I shed were filled with wonder and magic."
- April Anschutz