OYOU Women's Retreats

OYOU Spring Music Fling

March 11th - 13th

Martindale, Texas @ Wilory Farm

Women's Music Camp!

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OYOU Women's Retreat

August 12th - 14th — Martindale, Texas

Martindale Schoolhouse & Wilory Farm

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Reliable Plant Maintenance:

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Our annual ultimate gal-pal getaway for ages 25 and up! We sing, dance, create, and share experiences and opportunities for self-growth through a myriad of mind-body-spirit activities. 


This retreat will take place at the Martindale Schoolhouse and Wilory Farm in Martindale, Texas. This retreat also doubles as an annual fundraiser for us to raise funds for our Snowbird Concert Series, Workshops, and Tammi Fest (which will happen in 2022) and ongoing youth programs. 

Annual OYOU Women's Retreat

Several women in need, have been gifted scholarships to attend this workshop for free. Our women in need are undergoing or have undergone treatment for cancer, or have other underlying physical and or emotional conditions that render them in need of this gal-pal getaway. We're convinced this retreat saves lives. Please consider donating $250.00 to pay for their scholarship. Our annual women's retreat also doubles as a fundraiser for the OYOU. Thanks for your consideration!


We are in need of 2022 business sponsors. In exchange, we will promote your business on our website and on all social media. 


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