OYOU Women's Group (Ages 12+)

These events are for individuals who are female or identify as female and whose pronouns are She, Her.

The OYOU Women's Group is a tribe of inclusive women who play music, sing, write, and create. We're working to make this world a better place one note at a time.


Basically, we gather and sing our favorite cover tunes out of a book. Those that can play an instrument, play it. Those that don't, just sing. We laugh, sing loud, and cast no judgment on our skill level. We just go around ... in a round ... and pick what we want to sing and then all join in! It's a hoot! Periodically, we meet at local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to share our love of music with others. 


The OYOU Women's Music Group usually meets the first or second Sunday of every month from 1:00PM to 3:00PM at Wilory Farm, in Martindale, Texas. We also host this event online, through Zoom, so women from all over the world can join us! 


The Ultimate Gal-Pal Getaway!