OYOU Women's Group (All Ages 12 +)

The OYOU Women's song circle is a group of inclusive women, ages 12 and up who play music, sing, write, and create. We're working to make this world a better place one note at a time. These song circles are for individuals who are female or identify as female, and whose pronouns are She, Her.


Please review our calendar for specific OYOU Women's Song Circle dates, events, and retreats! Join us! 

OYOU Women's Music Group Information

When people work together to support, network, and enjoy the song circle, these music gatherings can uplift the human spirit for days. Let's all do our part to make the experience uplifting for everyone! Please review the following information prior to attending an OYOU song circle. 


1. The music will go around in a circle, and each person will take a turn leading a song. The group leader will help move the circle along. Please do not start a song ahead of the group leader. 

2. When it comes to your turn, do an original or a cover tune. We have a songbook of popular cover tunes and we all sing along on them. 

3. If you decide to do an original song, please communicate: Do you want people to play along? (if so, be sure to tell us the key.) 

4. When not leading a song, your involvement on both original and cover songs should not overshadow the person performing their song choice.  If the song leader wants you to take a solo break, they will “nod you in” at the appropriate time. 

5. Please keep your intro within reason. Rule of thumb: if the intro is longer than the song, it is too long.

6. If you have a new song to share, and want the group to help, please refrain from spending too much time attempting to teach your new song to the group. Group participation works best when it’s kept simple. It's not the format to teach parts, teach verses, try to incorporate multiple harmony parts ect,. again please just keep it simple. 

7. If you have a cover song you'd like someone else to sing, it's important that you send the song into Terri Hendrix in advance, so she's able to learn the piece or pass it onto to someone else to lead it.  

8. We have limited time and seating space for song circles.  If you attend our song circle, please participate by taking your turn and listening to others as they take theirs.  Keep discussions to a minimum, to allow time for everyone to get a turn. 

9. Talking while someone's playing, or using your cell phone, is disrespectful in song circles. Please refrain from using your cell phone unless you are taking photos or video specific to our song circle. 

10. You matter. Having you with us is a gift. 


These song circles are for improving musicianship and embracing the opportunity to play music. When we follow these guidelines, the OYOU can host its song circles in a professional manner conducive for artistic and personal growth.