OYOU Kid's Club

The OYOU Kid's Club champions kindness, leadership, and team building! 

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"This was our first event with OYOU at Wilory Farms. My sons and I had such an awesome time! My oldest was a little hesitant, but he ended up loving painting his rocks and getting to run free. I personally loved the inclusivness. My youngest is special needs and everyone immediately felt so kind and lovely. We don't get out of the house for group events too often, because I don't always feel like explaining our situation to everyone, but it was so welcoming and wonderful here. I loved everything about it. All the sweet adults and kiddos. This is the world I want my kids to see. One free of judgement and full of inclusivness, love, and kindness. I just can't say how welcomed I felt by everyone, even though I only knew the people I came with. My youngest loved getting to see the donkey and goats as well! I was shocked by how open he was to walking right up close to them! We just had an amazing time, and I'm so glad we were able to participate." 

— The Garza's (Asha, Romas, and Zade)

These folks support OYOU Kids

Purchase a bottle of wine at Palmer's Restaurant Bar & Courtyard on 218 Moore St, San Marcos, TX 78666. Donate the cork! Or you can bring in your wine corks! They are recycled through a company called ReCork! Palmers kicks in a percentage to the OYOU every single time their cork bank gets filled up! The OYOU is using these funds for our youth workshops and camps!

Rice Harrington passed away in July 2003. Four of his close friends formed Cabin 10, Inc. in August of 2004 to host the Rice Festival, to “keep a good man’s vibe alive”, and to provide continued funding for The Rice Harrington Art Scholarship, presented each year to graduating art students from San Marcos High School. Cabin 10 Inc.’s mission statement is quite simple: To continue the tradition of American Roots Music in Fischer, Texas as a community, by supporting the artists and funding education in the arts.


Cabin 10 was a real cabin located at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, in Hunt, Texas. Although no longer standing, it remains an icon for the strong friendships that were forged by the original Bored members and the counselor of Cabin 10 – Rice Harrington. As the torch of friendship has been passed along to a new Bored of Directors, this icon has grown to also represent the many friendships that have been made through this original unselfish action of friends honoring friends. As this “Company of Friends” known as Fischer Fest, moves forward under a different name, we will strive to honor the same vibe and spirit as when it was created.

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We do have scholarships available for those who qualify.

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OYOU Kids Summer Music Camp

July 2020

Think it

Join the OYOU for it's 2nd annual kid's song camp! We'll be writing songs or learning cover songs and recording them! Kids without instruments will have some available to try out! No instrument skills needed to attend though. 


The price of tuition covers instructions, recording, concert, student t-shirt, supplies, beverages, lunch, and snacks. 


Camp Leaders:

Terri Hendrix

Lloyd Maines 

Raquel Lindemann 

Make it

Each student will receive a copy of their song via MP3 (download) and downloads of any songs we collaborate on as a group. 

Play it

There will be a student concert at the conclusion of this workshop .

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