March 1st

Please join us for our final Snowbird Concert Series and help us achieve our fundraising goal during Amplify Austin's 24 hour festival of giving! 


How to help? Simply make a "Scheduled Donation" HERE 


Doors open at 6:00! Come enjoy complimentary queso, chips, sandwiches, salsa, desserts, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or water. 

Show is at 7:00! the artist plays about 50 minutes. There's a brief interview with the artist. This way you can get to know who's playing! Then the artist plays about one or two more songs. 



March 1st 2018



2018 Season Sponsor


Past Snowbird Concerts

February 1st 2018

Chris and Adam Carroll 

January 2018 W/Tracy Weinberg & Friends 

December 2017 W/Kevin Carroll 

March 2017 W/The Revs

February  2017 W/Los Texmaniacs 

January 2017 W/Susan Gibson 

December 2016 W/Johnsmith

Our Snowbird Concert Series kicked off in December 2016 with Johnsmith from Trempealeau County, WI!