"The OYOU stands for "Own Your Own Universe." It's a lyric taken from a song of mine called "Wallet." It's my belief that all things are possible with a sense of purpose, a work ethic, and a mission greater than ourselves. What "Own Your Own Universe" means to me, is that I have the power within me to live the best life I can — regardless of my circumstances, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same. The beauty of the OYOU, is that anyone can take the tools we provide by way of our events and apply them to their own lives. In doing so, it reaffirms the notion of the power that the arts can have on the human condition and soul."

— Terri Hendrix  


In the past year, the OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe"), found a permanent location on Wilory Farm, in Martindale, Texas. There are plans in the works to build the structure where additional programs can be hosted. The OYOU runs a successful free concert series, called the "Snowbird Concert Series." It became a community event and was sponsored by the City of San Marcos Arts and Recreation Department. The OYOU hosted its 4th Annual Creative Women's Retreat where "Women in Need" are invited to come for free and on scholarship. These women include full-time caregivers, special education teachers, coaches, women having undergone or currently going through cancer treatment or a health crisis, and hardship cases. We choose women who contribute to their communities in spite of their challenges. We also choose women who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend the retreat. The OYOU hosted the "Playing for Good" art and music festival and was able to give back $1500 to various nonprofits in San Marcos. In conjunction with The Root Cellar in San Marcos, The OYOU threw together a flood relief concert and was able to raise $2700 for Hurricane Harvey victims in Port Aransas, Texas. The OYOU hosts successful workshops on everything from songwriting to learning to play a musical instruments. Programs are hosted at a variety of locations, thus further inviting community involvement. These locations include San Marcos based establishments like Quail Creek Country Club, and Saint Mark's Episcopal Church. In July the OYOU will host its first youth songwriter camp in downtown Martindale. The OYOU can now boost an email list of over 10,000 people, and continued successful presence on social media. The OYOU has a team of loyal volunteers that come from San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas to contribute their time to making our events a success. Our longtime Epilepsy Support Group Meetings have been folded into the Central Texas Epilepsy Foundation. This meeting is the only meetings of its kind in the area. This year, we are expanding into additional music and writing educational programs. The women of "Harvest" (women's songwriting class) will have a group concert this summer. The OYOU will also host songwriting sessions for those with special needs and their caregivers at Wilory Farm. We will co-host an Access-Ability Festival with the City of San Marcos this Fall. We will host our 3rd Annual "Playing for Good Art & Music Festival" October 14th. 

September 24th 2017

Live at The Root 

This sold out fundraiser benefited the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce Community Relief Fund. The Root Cellar Cafe and Bakery and the OYOU teamed up with musicians to raise money for those who had their lives left in shambles after Hurricane Harvey. See Website 

Mermaid Festival AquaFaire @ OYOU Stage San Marcos

2017 Photos Coming Soon!

San Marcos Public Library Halloween 2015, 2016

We have lots of fun photos and will be uploading more soon! 

Burkhart Center for Autism Research: Lubbock, Texas 2016

Libraries & Schools 2015, 2016

OYOU on the road bringing music to kiddos of all ages across the Lone Star State

The Bard Project: Texas Music Heritage Foundation

Chase's Place, Richardson, Texas

OYOU on the road bringing music to kiddos of all ages across the Lone Star State

Kronkosky Place: Boerne, Texas

OYOU on the road bringing music to kiddos of all ages across the Lone Star State

2015 Flood Relief Concerts

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church 

Tantra Coffeehouse

Live Oak Living Community Volunteers  

100% Proceeds went to victims of the 2015 flooding in Hays County 

Greater Youth Council

OYOU Youth Outreach Music Program 

Greater Youth Council 

This program is private and not open to the general public. 

Epilepsy and You Meetings

The OYOU brings people together to unite for both awareness and support.  

Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos

You are never too old or too young to learn how to play a musical instrument. 


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