"The weekend was a perfect mix of camaraderie, creativity, self expression, and soul searching." 

— Rebecca Maddox Kroener


"I was excited and nervous driving to the first OYOU Women's Retreat. What happened to me was a total surprise ... complete unconditional love and support. A whole lot of giggling, crying, singing, and some howl!"

— Patty Gayle Sughrue


"We learned from, taught and inspired one another. We are strangers no more, we are family. I smile and am lifted whenever I think of this weekend, and these women. When I am moved by something, i have to share it with THEM now, that new family I have. It was the most soul-enriching weekend I've ever spent in my life and the tears of joy I shed were filled with wonder and magic."

— April Anschutz


Other comments include:

"Recipe for rejuvenation."

"A place to begin the healing process after a long struggle with breast cancer." 

"I take care of everyone else 24/7. This retreat taught me to take care of me."

"A warm and comforting throw with which we can wrap ourselves on tough days."

"A new community." 

2017 Women's Retreat

August 11th and 12th 2017 @ Juniper Hills Farm/Onion Creek Kitchen in Dripping Springs, Texas 

This Year's Theme

Live a great story! Make each chapter count! 


Juniper Hills Farm/Onion Creek Kitchen 

Address: 5818 Farm to Market 165, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Phone: 512-426-7288 or 830-833-0910


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4th Annual OYOU Creative Women's Retreat August 11th and 12th 2017

Inspiring creative retreat nestled in the Texas Hill Country! It's for ages 25 and up! 


Purchase a ticket for either you or the special woman in your life! 


Sponsor a woman to come. A woman that the OYOU has picked out to attend for free. These women are "Women in Need" who attend this retreat for free. Without the support of people like you, they would otherwise be unable to attend this event. 


Women's Retreat attendees: Price includes tote bag, shirt, food, snacks, supplies, and a weekend chock-full o' fun! 


Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible! 


Scroll for purchase option choices or to simply give the OYOU seed money donations for a successful event and summer fundraiser! 



San Marcos, Texas, Based Business:

San Marcos, Texas, Based Business:

Dripping Springs, Texas, Based Business:

2016 Wrap Up

August 12th & 13th @ Juniper Hills/Onion Creek Kitchen in Dripping Springs, TX


When the OYOU Center For Creative Arts was established in 2012, one of the immediate goals was hosting a retreat for a select group of women who would then in turn help other women — be it in business, or in life. After much planning and with the support of Connie Barron and Wild Women Weekend, the OYOU launched its first retreat in 2014. I wasn't expecting my life to change by hosting it, but it did. I learned valuable techniques to ease tension, meditation tools, and a multitude of other skills I've since applied to my life. It's been rewarding to watch friendships take root and blossom since that first retreat. We came together as strangers and left as friends ready to venture forward with a greater sense of purpose.


Equally as gratifying has been the success of our "women in need" scholarship program. These women include full-time caregivers, special education teachers, coaches, women having undergone or currently going through cancer treatment or a health crisis, and hardship cases. We choose women who contribute to their communities in spite of their challenges. We also choose women who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend the retreat.


This year's retreat offered an opportunity for women to remove themselves from their busy lives, chores, roles, and demands at home. By venturing out on a retreat, they were able to rediscover who they are in a place of creativity, camaraderie, and seclusion. At this year's Creative Women's Retreat we focused on expressing ourselves through writing. It was a pressure-free experience to launch that creative spark inside. We also be tapped into our creativity using journals, collage, yoga, meditation, and creativity exercises. Our guest speakers and performers this year were multi-talented songwriter and performer Heather Little and Schreiner University's award winning teacher, author, and founder of the Texas Heritage Music FoundationDr. Kathleen Hudson. I headed up a class as well (Terri Hendrix), and played a solo performance. We also had after-hours singing and music jam sessions. In addition, there was a program on aromatherapy with Melanie Van Aken of Heron’s Nest Herb Farm, so we could use the healing powers of aromatherapy long after our weekend was over. We enjoyed a spirit lifting yoga class with Darla Buckner, and some of the best gourmet cooking on the planet by  Onion Creek Kitchen and Juniper Hills Farm atop some of the highest blue-green rolling hills of the Blanco River Valley in the Texas Hill Country.


This unique retreat continues to be a life-altering event for those that attend, it also doubled as a fundraiser for the OYOU. The OYOU (which stands for “Own Your Own Universe”) operates under the motto that "You help one life, you change the lives of many." Every donation the OYOU received from this retreat helped walk us closer to our goal of eventually being able to build a handicapped-friendly, all-ages arts center facility and in doing so, have a bigger impact within the communities we serve. We thank Two P’s & Calli’s, Cody’s Bistro & Lounge, Peavey, and Onion Creek Kitchens, for sponsoring our 2016 retreat. Corporate Sponsors became "Friends of the OYOU" and are now advertised on the OYOU website. The OYOU is a certified nonprofit 501 C3 and all donations continue to be tax deductible. 


Without your support, none of this would be possible. 

Executive Director 

Own Your Own Universe 

2016 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

2015 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat

2015 OYOU group painting auctioned for Hays County flood relief


Dan Monroe from San Antonio, Texas, was the winner of our 2015 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat group painting. 100% of the proceeds from this silent auction went to Hays County flood relief. 

2014 OYOU Creative Women's Retreat